Friday, February 6, 2015

There have been rumors of Obama’s impeachment ever since he started his despicable presidency, but now this process appears to be closer than ever.

Obama’s continued defiance and refusal to work with the new GOP congress has many in D.C. throwing around the dreaded “I” word. Some of the younger, newer GOP congressman are being particularly outspoken about the president’s potential impeachment.

Freshman Rep. Brian Babin has repeatedly said that Obama “deserves impeachment.” He is followed by Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who is calling for jail time for Obama on top of impeachment.

According to Conservative Tribune, Brooks claims that the courts have already found and will continue to find Obama’s actions unconstitutional and unlawful. The president’s continued defiance of court orders and major decisions should indeed result in jail time, as he must be held accountable for his actions.

Tom Mariano, a representative from Pennsylvania, says his constituents ask him about impeachment all the time. Now, he is confident that we are “finally getting closer to that.”

We can only hope that these murmurings on Capital Hill will result in Obama’s impeachment.

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