Friday, March 20, 2015

Clint Eastwood’s son Scott Eastwood is quickly becoming a Hollywood star in his own right, and he recently told reporters the advice his father gave him when he entered the working world.

“To be honest, he didn’t care if I was a plumber or if I was an actor,” Scott said of his father, according to ABC News. “He just said, ‘Whatever you do, do it well. Be humble, work hard and be a man.'”

Unlike the children of other Hollywood actors, Scott didn’t get much help from his father when he chose to be in movies. Even when he was cast in Clint’s films, the director made it clear to him that he needed to work hard just like everyone else.

“He’s like tougher on me when I work with him,” Scott said. “He doesn’t want any favoritism at all. ‘Invictus,’ ‘Trouble With The Curve,’ ‘Gran Torino,’ ‘Flags of our Fathers.’ He was tough on me on all of them but outside of that, we have a great father/son relationship.”

It’s sad that in today’s world, advice like “work hard and be a man” is controversial. With freeloaders being celebrated and gender being redefined as a “social constraint,” Clint has faced backlash from liberals for giving that advice to his son.

Luckily, Clint doesn’t give a hoot what loudmouth liberals think. Scott’s lucky to have a dad like him!


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