Friday, March 20, 2015

The Obamas are already planning their next move after leaving office in 2016, and they aren’t going back to Chicago.

Rumors are swirling in Hawaii that the first family has bought the iconic “Robin’s Nest” mansion, made famous by the hit 1980s TV show Magnum P.I. 

Resting on a three-acre oceanfront property, the five-bedroom mansion boasts a gate house, a boat house, tennis courts, sprawling lawns, and a pond.


According to NBC Chicago, the home was sold by Waimanola Paradise LLC for $8.7 million, and the contact was listed as Chicago attorney Seth Madorsky. The house was then handed off to a Colorado-based LLC, and the deed was signed by a woman named Judy Grimanis.

Grimanis is a Chicago native who was an Obama fundraiser, and is currently the president’s Commerce Secretary. She is also an executive assistant for a private equity firm The Vistria Group, which is headed by Mardy Nesbitt, a personal friend of Obama. Nesbitt often vacations with the president in Hawaii, where the duo enjoy golfing together.

The Obamas are currently denying that they bought the home. A senior official for the White House told the press, “the president is not a party to this transaction.”

This lavish home is exactly the kind of place the Obamas would buy. It’s a home fit for a king, which is exactly what Obama thinks he is.

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