Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A new state has turned on Obama, and they did so in a major way.

The state House of Arkansas passed a Convention of States resolution on it’s second try. The resolution is meant to reign in a federal government that has become far too big, intrusive and corrupt, and it stems from a citizen-based movement.

Though this may sound impossible to do, our Founding Fathers included a clause in the constitution allowing for two-thirds of the states to come together to stop the government from getting out of control. According to Conservative Tribune, they gave states the power to call together a convention that would pass one or more constitutional amendments, which in turn would become part of the constitution when ratified by three quarters of the states.

A group of citizens who are sick and tired of living under Obama’s reign are calling themselves Citizens for Self-Governance, and they have been pressuring lawmakers across the country to hold a Convention of States. Unfortunately, the resolution failed to pass in Arkansas the first time around, but the patriotic citizens did not give up. On the second try, it passed by a vote of 52-33, making the Arkansas state House the third legislative body to approve it.

If more states follow Arkansas’s example, Obama could be in big trouble…

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