Friday, March 6, 2015

An employee of a Golden Coral restaurant in Ohio was offered $20,000 not to reveal their unsanitary secrets. Instead of taking the bribe, the recent high school graduate decided to be a whistleblower instead.

The brave young man released his story to the press.

When I saw what the restaurant chain had been doing, I was glad he came forward. Here’s what he said occurred in the Golden Corral located in New Boston, Ohio:

  1. I started my short career at Golden Corral of New Boston, Ohio on November 4. That was my first day on the job.
  2. Within a short period of time I began to realize all the food regulations they were breaking and how unsanitary they were.
  3. So the next day I began to secretly record and take notes of all the shady activity that was occurring in the stores kitchen.
  4. My Trainer that day was another employee of the store. She showed me how they changed the date of preparation or the expiration on leftover food items. She also informed me that the dates were changed on a daily basis until the food item was gone and served to the customers. It didn’t matter how outdated or how spoiled the food was, as long as it got served and not wasted.
  5. It was mixed in with newer product so it wasn’t noticeable to the customers.
  6. I did receive many complaints from customers advising me how the food didn’t taste right.
  7. I personally saw chicken that was green and had a foul odor cooked and served on the food serving lines.
  8. I confronted the manager about it and he told me it was none of my concern and to do what I was told.
  9. I found that fish was being left out for hours reaching temperatures far beyond what was acceptable. My highest temperature reading was in the high 70’s, but that fish was eventually cooked and served even though it was well beyond acceptable to consume and smelled horribly.
  10. I only worked there for a short time but I received three or four burns on my arms from the steam and hot water coming in contact with my skin due to the malfunctioning of the equipment. I was told by a manger to suck it up and do my job.
  11. I quickly reported this to the local health department.
  12. On November 9 I got a call from my manger to report to work to discuss an issue.
  13. When I got to work the manager advised me that he found out I was videoing everything that was happening. He said that someone came to him and said they thought I was undercover working for the health department which is absurd.
  14. He said that he could not have me talking about the food being under cooked. I told Jeff that they were not cooking their food right and that it was a problem
  15. The manager told me since I had made that comment I can not be working for them.

We applaud this young man for being brave enough to risk a lawsuit in order to expose a national restaurant chain. Most recent high school graduates would have taken the money and ran, but this boy stayed strong and did the right thing.

His parents should be very proud!

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