Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Not too long ago, Dakota Hickey posted this devastating confession on reddit about his teeth:

Not all days, but most my teeth hurt and I have no way to stop the pain. I live in the USA and cannot afford insurance to get it fixed. If I had the money to get them all pulled and replaced I would, but the dental place told me it would cost over $7,000.My life has been going well for the most part lately and I feel horrible for even thinking of wanting to die to escape the pain. I have 2 kids that need me and a family that loves me, but love doesn’t buy new teeth.I did it to myself back in highschool by throwing up after each meal. I don’t smile often and when I actually do I have to cover my mouth because I don’t want others to be grossed out by my teeth. Most of the time I just grin to the right side. My kids don’t like me going to their school, meeting their friends and teachers because they are embarrassed of my mouth. I try not to show it, but that hurts more than the physical pain I endure from the infection that is spreading.Anyways, thanks for taking time to read this and I hope that you (the reader) live in a country that would help with dental problems.

Dakota's teeth
Dakota’s teeth

Screenshot 2015-03-03 at 8.19.07 PM

To Dakota’s surprise, his post led to an outpouring of support online. In fact, he even received an offer to pay for surgery to pay for surgery that would correct his teeth.

Reddit user SushiAndWoW wrote:

If this is true, I will pay for your treatment. Either at a place near you, or if it’s more cost-effective, I will buy you a ticket to Costa Rica, and for you to get treatment at a reputable clinic here.You can check my history to see that this is a legitimate account that’s not into trolling. I can’t help everyone in the world, but I can help you. Your situation hits a nerve with me.Maybe you can make it up to me by posting before and after pictures, or something. That would be nice to see.

Dentist Dan Hook also posted:

Dentist here. If we can get him to my office I’ll donate my services. I practice in west palm beach and Jacksonville.

Hickey and Hook are now setting up a meeting to fix his teeth. Hickey will finally get the help he needs and have his confidence back.

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