Monday, March 23, 2015

Idaho parents Jacob Smith and Pauline Adams pulled their teenage daughter out of school when they found out she was sharing the same bathroom as a transgendered student. They approached the school, reportedly concerned for the safety of their daughter. But the Boise School District told them that nothing could be done, since “the district is required to provide access to public facilities consistent with the student’s gender identity.”

Smith and Adams are keeping their daughter out of school until “something is changed.”

Adams reportedly said, “When does it go to the locker rooms are you going to be OK with this? Are we going to allow our school district to make these decisions without asking (or) informing us? It’s not OK.”

The transgendered student, D.W. Trantham, reportedly said, “I’m not in there to hurt anyone. I’m a heterosexual transgendered woman. I am attracted to males.”

Trantham continued, “Coming from a person who was sexually assaulted in bathrooms for being trans I care about bathroom safety. I’m not there to hurt anyone, and what’s between my legs is not a symbol of who I am.”

Trantham’s father has also been outspoken, and said he would happily meet with Smith and Adam to prove that “D.W. is just another girl.”

Would you let your daughter attend a school with transgendered bathrooms? Sound off in the comments section!

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