Thursday, March 26, 2015

Most high school juniors are accompanied by their parents as they travel the country looking at colleges, but not Malia Obama.

Instead, the underage 16 year-old has been sent off on her own to travel the U.S. to look at schools as not even her mother can make the time to chaperone her. Over the past week, Malia has been spotted all over the northeast visiting schools like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Wesleyan. At every one of these schools, she was without parental supervision.

This lack of supervision could explain the wild year Malia had in 2014, when she was spotted partying in Hollywood and later at Lollapalooza, a drug-fueled concert series in Chicago.


It’s somewhat understandable that President Obama wouldn’t have time to visit schools with his daughter, but Michelle has no excuse. She has nothing to do but shove vegetables down our children’s throat, so there’s no reason why she couldn’t drop the fruit for a week to support her daughter and help her look at colleges.

A 16 year-old, especially one who has exhibited wild behavior like Malia, should not be traveling the country alone. If Barack and Michelle can’t even raise their own daughter right, how can they run a whole country?!


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