Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Last week, Megyn Kelly revealed that the State Department has refused to say whether or not Hillary Clinton signed the required OF-109 form upon leaving her office of Secretary of State.

All officials who leave the State Department are required to sign this form, so the if she did indeed sign it, the State Department should be able to confirm it. However, when Kelly asked them to, they told her they didn’t have an answer for her. When she asked again days later, they only said that “there is no update.”

Now, Kelly has taken matters into her own hands. According to Conservative Tribune, she has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to find out if Hillary signed the form. Under federal law, the State Department has 20 days to respond.

On Tuesday, the State Department revealed that Hillary did not sign the form. Many, including White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, have speculated that without Kelly, officials probably would never have revealed the truth.

It is unclear what consequences Hillary will suffer from this new information, but we’re proud of Megyn Kelly for taking a stand and sticking it to liberals!

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