Monday, March 30, 2015

Michelle Obama recently travelled around Asia to promote her new plan to educate women around the world. Unfortunately for her, her plan is incredibly unrealistic, and the Prime Minister of Cambodia publicly humiliated Michelle with a major dose of reality.

Last week, Michelle gave a hope-laden speech about female education in Cambodia that was also financially unrealistic. In true Obama form, Michelle ignored budgetary concerns when making her little plan, so she raised the women of Cambodia’s hopes with a plan that could never be carried out with the country’s budget.

Enraged at what she had done to his people, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen publicly denounced the American first lady.

“Her [Michelle Obama’s] mission is very good, but I suggest the United States should help completely and not play like this,” he said, according to Conservative Tribune. “It is just playing around — it is not good.”

It seems that Michelle promised the girls in the audience that they would be sent to college, even though there was no money to send them. In the end, Hun Sen decided to put up the money to send the girls to college himself after Michelle left the country without helping them at all.

“I thought the United States would give scholarships to these students until they complete university, but that’s not [the case],” he said.

Sen also accused Michelle of coming to Cambodia to just “choose people” to help, after which she “[left] it to the Ministry of Education.”

Making this story even worse, Michelle could have easily paid for the girls’ education herself through her “Let Girls Learn Initiative,” but instead she decided to not help at all.

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