Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A young man in Texas came forward this week with some shocking claims, and they could have a major impact on the Obama family.

Johnny Gooden Jr., 29, showed up to a Chase Bank branch and demanded to be given access to Michelle Obama’s bank account. When the stunned teller’s asked him why he thought he should be given access, he calmly revealed to them that he is the first lady’s adopted son.


While Gooden’s claims are definitely a bombshell, there were a few holes in his story. First and foremost, the Obamas don’t have an account with Chase. When tellers told him this, Gooden became belligerent and insisted that he was telling the truth.

Bank employees eventually had to call police, and when they searched Gooden, officers found marijuana. He has been charged with possession and police say he has an arrest record that includes charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a public servant.

While it seems unlikely that Gooden is related to the Obamas, we have to admit that he is showing some signs of being like his “dad” Barack. Smoking weed and lying? Sounds like our president to me!

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