Friday, March 20, 2015

A new biography of Michelle Obama is set to be released on April 7, and it has revealed some shocking details about the first lady’s past.

In his new book Michelle Obama: A Life, Peter Slevin has revealed that the first lady isn’t as perfect and classy as she wants the public to believe.

When Michelle attended a summer camp in Michigan when she was 10 years-old, she was denied the “Best Camper” award because she swore too much.

“I was going through my cursing stage,” she explained, according to People. “I didn’t realize until my camp counselor at the end came up and said, ‘You know, you would have been best camper in your age group, but you curse so much.'”

In fact, as a child, Michelle was something of a problem. Her grandmother used to say that she was a hardhead who needed a good spanking. Slevin told the story in an excerpt from his book:

“On her way to becoming grandmother in residence at the White House, Marian would report that Michelle’s younger daughter, Sasha, then age 7, reminded her of Michelle at the same age. ‘Just like Sash. She always had her own opinions about things and she didn’t hesitate to say so, because we allowed it.’ LaVaughn Robinson, Michelle’s paternal grandmother, told a co-worker that Michelle was ‘hard-headed’ and needed a spanking from time to time, but that she and Craig were good kids.”

The book also reveals some embarrassing details about the Obama’s marriage. Apparently, Barack was not too eager to marry Michelle, and she had to practically beg him in order to make it happen.

“One night, at a fine dinner for two, ostensibly to celebrate his efforts on the Illinois bar exam, Michelle against raised the question of marriage and began haranguing him for his refusal to commit. Dessert came. On Michelle’s plate was a box containing an engagement ring. She was floored, and thrilled. Barack laughed, ‘That kind of shuts you up, doesn’t it?'”

Michelle cannot be happy with the book, which portrays her as a nagging, cursing, classless woman. We’re glad that a someone finally had the courage to write a book about the REAL Michelle Obama!


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