Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Denny’s restaurant in Montana has been accused of deliberately slipping bacon and ham into the meals of two Muslims.

The Quran specifically bans the consumption of pork, so the Muslims were enraged when they discovered they had unwittingly eaten pork products. The Muslims then filed a religious discrimination lawsuit seeking $1 million each.

“The fact that the ingredients for these meals are packaged separately and do not contain any pork products…implies that these products were placed in the food intentionally,” read the investigation’s report, according to Beaver County Times.

The manager of the restaurant has denied that the pork was placed in the food intentionally, but the Muslims aren’t having any of it.

“They’re claiming it’s a giant coincidence that ham – not once but twice – found it’s way into both of their meals,” said Jeff Ferguson, who is representing one of the Muslims.

One of the Muslims, Abdussalam Sipes, says he was enjoying his meal when he noticed pieces of ham hidden in his food. He complained to the manager, who gave him another dish. However, Sipes then found strips of bacon inside it.

“I feel like my soul has been poisoned,” Sipes later told the press. The other Muslim, Clarence Watson, said he forced himself to vomit up the meal and was not allowed to read the Quran for 40 days.

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