Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A new scandal could ruin everything for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Reports claim that Clinton used a personal email account to conduct government business while she was Secretary of State. If this is true, it means she violated federal rules breach.

All correspondences were supposed to be made on her federal email. If Clinton used a personal email account, it means that her messages were not preserved — this would violate the Federal Records Act.

If Clinton’s emails were deleted, it means the messages cannot be considered by Benghazi investigators.

Former Director of Litigation at the National Archives and Records Administration, Jason R. Baron, reportedly said in a statement, “It is very difficult to conceive of a scenario — short of nuclear winter — where an agency would be justified in allowing its cabinet-level-head officer to solely use a private email communications channel for the conduct of government business.”

It is shocking to think that the Democrat’s front-runner for 2016 would be so non-transparent. By using unsecured communications, Clinton put Americans at risk and made it impossible to conduct a thorough Benghazi investigation.

It’s time for Hillary to leave Washington for good. Do you agree?

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