Friday, March 6, 2015

A current NFL star has put his career on the line by writing a viral Facebook post about the persecution Christians are facing all over the world.

New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson wrote about the increase in violence aimed at Christians in places like the Islamic State.

“As I sit here in a 21st century United States, I can’t help but wonder when we too will face martyrdom for our faith,” Watson wrote in his original Facebook post.

“It won’t be long, I believe, until we may be facing some of the same things here,” Watson added later, according to Conservative Tribune.

During an interview with Fox, Watson said he has noticed an increase in violence and hatred towards Christians on both television and social media. This is what inspired him to use his celebrity to defend the religion from naysayers.

“(I)t makes me scared to think of having to stand up against those insurmountable odds,” he said, “but as we look at Scripture we’re encouraged because the Holy Spirit gives people power to stand during these times.”

We applaud Watson for being brave enough to take a stand. These days, speaking out for Christianity in America is risky business, as President Obama has made it very clear that he has a strong anti-Christian agenda. Lets hope more athletes like Watson follow suit, and defend Christianity as well.


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