Tuesday, March 17, 2015

President Obama has been caught in yet another coverup, and this time it’s about ISIS.

Last month, Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that a significant portion of ISIS’s leadership had been killed. Now, military experts and intelligence analysts are saying this can’t be true.

Although a few ISIS leaders have indeed been killed, there hasn’t been a single verified report of a high ranking ISIS terrorist being killed. This makes it clear that when Kerry said “fifty percent” of ISIS’s leadership is dead, he was lying.

“We’ve disrupted their command structure, undermined its propaganda, taken out half of their senior leadership, squeezed its financing, damaged its supply networks, dispersed its personnel, and forced them to think twice before they move in an open convoy,” Kerry said just last month, according to Conservative Tribune.

Retired General John Allen later agreed with Kerry’s statement that fifty percent of ISIS’s leadership had been killed, but neither of them have mentioned that figure since.

“I am very skeptical of the claim that the coalition has killed 50 percent of the leadership of the Islamic State, whatever that means,” said Cole Bunzel, an ISIS expert who is also a professor of Near Eastern studies at Princeton University.

“The Islamic State has publicly announced when senior members of the group have been killed,” Bunzel added. “But they have never talked about anyone in the core leadership being killed since 2010.”

Just last week, Kerry changed his tune when he was asked about ISIS. He cautiously admitted that they are gaining supporters at an alarming rate.

Obama has been trying to ignore ISIS for years now, and it’s coming back to bite him. Now, he’s trying to coverup his mistake by claiming that he’s already killed most of the terrorists anyway. Unfortunately for him, nobody is buying it.

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