Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A former classmate of Barack Obama’s has broken her silence, and what she had to say is disturbing.

Mia Marie Pope went to high school with Obama, and she says that back then the president regularly smoked crack.

Yes, you read that right. Our president is reportedly a crackhead.

Pope also revealed that Obama was a known homosexual as well as a pathological liar. It doesn’t seem like much has changed there!

Pope met Obama in 1977 when she was around 13 years-old. By then, Pope says the future president was already well connected in Honolulu’s underground homosexual scene.

She said that “girls were never anything that he was ever interested in. As a young teenager, as a young girl, it was clear to me that Barry was strictly into men.”

Pope said that it was known that Obama was not American, saying that he, “always portrayed himself as a foreign student.”

“And one his attributes that is still evident today, is that he was even a pathological liar back then,” Pope said.

It remains to be seen what impact these allegations will have on Obama’s presidency. We can only hope this gets him impeached!

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