Saturday, March 7, 2015

Earlier today, we reported on the extravagant vacation to Japan Michelle Obama has planned for her daughters’ spring break later this month. While the first lady never needs an excuse to take an expensive trip, the reason she has chosen Japan for her family’s next vacation is typical of Michelle.

The first lady is headed to Asia is to promote one of her new little plans, which is called the Let Girls Learn Initiative. According to the CS Monitor, Michelle is headed to Japan first to kiss some serious butt, as this is arguably the one country in the world that sees through her the most.

Michelle’s has been extremely unpopular in Japan since December of 2013, when her husband visited Tokyo without her. The Japanese were very excited to finally host the first couple, but when Barack Obama showed up alone, they saw it as a major slam to their culture. In the mind of the Japanese, Michelle’s snub was her way of saying she was too good for them.

“Michelle’s absence has thrown Tokyo into a tizzy,” the Monitor’s Howard LaFranchi reported.”Mrs. Obama’s absence is a woeful sign of Japan’s retreat from the top tier of America’s allies.”

To make matters worse, Michelle was photographed weeks later having a jolly time with her daughters on vacation…in China! This was a very stupid diplomatic move, as the Chinese and Japanese are notoriously bitter rivals.

“To the Japanese, the sight of Michelle jumping rope with Chinese kids, feeding pandas, trying out tai-chi, and meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, was more than insult added to injury,” reported LaFranchi. “It was proof of China’s ascendency to the top rung of America’s strategic priorities and Japan’s fall to second class.”

So now, Michelle is making an effort to go to Japan herself and rebuilt her reputation there. We’re hoping the Japanese continue to see through her, because right now, they have her pegged!

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