Saturday, March 21, 2015

During an expedition in Argentina, scientists found the body for a 15-year-old girl who had died over 500 years ago. The corpse had been preserved — almost perfectly — in the cold environment.

Since her body was so well-preserved, scientists were able to figure out exactly what this young girl’s diet was when she was living. She had apparently been fed a very fattening diet. Even more fascinating, scientists discovered that the girl was positive for tuberculosis (or another bacteria very similar). They can use what they found to treat modern TB.

The girl had died after being chosen to be sacrificed to the Incan gods. She was given the name “the Maiden.”

American Overlook reported:

After an important event or to please the gods, the Incan people would routinely sacrifice one of their children. While escorting the girl up to the mountain top, they would feed them coco leaves and then offer the child an intoxicating drink. Once they were tranquilized, the high priest would either strangle them or club them on the head. Sometimes the sacrificed child would be left to die in the cold.

As scientists did more research on this poor sacrifice girl, they discovered she had contracted a bacteria similar to tuberculosis. And they now believe that they can use it to help fight current disease.

It is incredible that a 500-year-old body can help fight a modern disease affecting people around the world every day!

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