Friday, March 6, 2015

Jesse Ventura may have thought he got the best of Chris Kyle’s widow when he was awarded $1.8 million of the American sniper’s estate, but he was dead wrong.

According to Conservative Tribune, Taya Kyle has filed an appeal of the judge’s decision, arguing that awarding Ventura the $1.8 million for defamation was a mistake. Her attorney John Borger claimed there was no justification for the ruling, and that at the very least Kyle should be given a second trial.

Ventura was suing the Kyle estate over a passage in Chris’s book in which he claimed he once punched the former Minnesota governor in the face in a bar fight. A jury awarded him $500,000 as well as the $1.3 million Kyle earned from the story. Judge Richard Kyle awarded the $1.3 million saying the assertion that Chris lied is “supported by a preponderance of evidence.”

Borger claims that the jury could not have been properly instructed by the judge, because if they had been, they never would have come to that decision.

Taya Kyle is proving that she is one tough lady. Ventura might as well give up now, because this army widow is a woman that nobody should be messing with!

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