Monday, March 16, 2015

Insiders at ABC say that the talk show The View is in serious trouble as it’s ratings continue to plummet.

Executives at ABC are strongly considering canceling the incredibly liberal show and replacing it with a fourth hour of Good Morning America.

“The brass at ABC feels like they’ve tried to do everything possible to breathe new life into this show,” a reliable source at ABC said. “They’re ready to abandon ship at this point.”

“ABC feels it’s exhausted their options with The View and now it’s time to expand the existing franchise, GMA. They feel that since GMA is already beating NBC’s Today during the first two hours of the broadcast, why not extend the morning broadcast,” the source continued. “The idea to bring back Good Afternoon America is something that’s strongly being considered. They believe the success of GMA could carry over right into that 11am slot thatThe View currently holds.”

The ratings decline is largely due to the crazy liberal conspiracy theories of stars Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell. Thanks to a clause in her contract, Whoopi will be paid $5 million next year regardless of whether or not the show continues.

“Whoopi is the winner either way. She’s wanted out of this contract for years and begged to be let go during the show overhaul last summer. To get paid to just go home would make her very happy,” one source said.


We’re overjoyed that this piece of liberal trash will no longer be on television.



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