Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rumors are spreading that Obama may somehow talk his way into an extended or even a third term in office.

A few weeks ago, a caller called in to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and speculated that Obama may be seeking a third term. Rather than dismissing this notion, Rush entertained the idea and explored a way in which Obama could make this happen.

Rush said that the Republicans will likely not fight to impeach Obama, and that a weak Democratic field could end up playing in the current president’s favor.

“Let’s say that Mrs. Clinton has withstood all of this e-mail stuff, that Elizabeth Warren has not gotten in the race, that Al Gore took the temperature and decided not to go, that it’s just Mrs. Clinton and Joe Biden,” Rush explained. “On the other side, the Republican field has a great list of possible candidates, and they will have by that time engaged in a vigorous debate which may have served to educate the country on the foibles and the problems of the past eight years, and the country may be looking forward to a dramatic change to Republican in the election of 2016.”

Rush then said that Obama could purposely sabotage Hillary’s campaign, then put himself out there to the nation as the only option to fight against efforts to undo everything he accomplished while he was president.

“We just cannot put it all to the risk of being unraveled and undone by these racist, sexist, misogynist, whatever else Republicans,” Rush said. “So as a service to the nation, he is going to forget the Twenty-Second Amendment and either not leave office or run for reelection himself as the Democrat nominee.”

Rush acknowledged how ridiculous this sounds, but he also posed a chilling question to his audience. If Obama tried to make this happen, who would stop him?

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