Friday, March 27, 2015

A Texas boy was sitting in class when his pants suddenly burst into flame. Surprisingly enough, this could happen to anyone.

Student Isaiah Clinton, 11,  heard the boy behind him begin to scream, and he had no idea why at first.

“The boy behind me told me my pocket was smoking and that’s when I got up and tried to take my phone out of my pocket,” Isaiah said.

When Isaiah went to remove his IPhone 5c from his pocket, he quickly saw that the damage was already done: his iPhone had burned through his pocket and burned his skin.

Isaiah’s mother Denisea Harris rushed him to the emergency room, where doctors told her that the iPhone had given her son 2nd degree burns. Now, Harris is trying to get the word out so that this never happens again.

“We all have iPhones in my whole family and I don’t want it to happen again,” Harris said. She filed an official claim with Apple, and they promised to “get back” to her.


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