Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New reports say that last month White House florist Laura Dowling quit without warning despite working at the home for six years.

According to Daily Mail, Dowling finally quit because she could no longer stand working for Michelle Obama. Insiders say the women had a different “sense of style,” with Dowling’s “fussy style” differing from the first lady’s desire for a modern aesthetic.

Tension between Dowling and Michelle was so high that the florist had to be “escorted from the building” when she quit suddenly on February 13.

“After almost six years as Chief Floral Designer at the White House, I have resigned in order to pursue exciting new opportunities and explore my passion for floral artistry and design,” said Dowling in a statement on Tuesday.

“Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be launching a new platform for my work as an author, speaker, instructor and design consultant that builds on the creative ideas and partnerships I’ve formed during my tenure there,” she added. “It’s been such an honor to work at the White House and I will always be grateful for this incredible opportunity.”


Michelle Obama’s office also released a statement on Tuesday, clearly trying to kiss up to Dowling after the scandal broke:

“As chief florist, Laura Dowling and her team treated guests of the White House to their beautiful floral arrangements. Ms Dowling’s creations were always lively and colorful, reflecting not only the season but the unique and historic rooms which they graced.”

“No two arrangements were ever the same and each one left guests with a lasting impression of the elegance and history of the People’s House. We are grateful for her contribution over the years and wish her well.”

Dowling is not the first White House staffer to quit due to tensions with Michelle Obama. Just a few months ago, Michelle’s personal chef Sam Kass quit because of conflicts with the first lady.

It looks like even Michelle’s own staff can’t stand to be around her anymore…

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