Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Over the past few weeks, it has become clear that President Obama is very much anti-Israel as tensions between him and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued to rise. Now, Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli is taking a stand against Obama with a new project she is working on with her embassy.

The Israeli embassy recently announced a special contest they are sponsoring to showcase the love college students have for Israel. Bar Refaeli, known for her sexy Sports Illustrated spreads, has signed on to serve as both the head judge and the face of the contest.


According to Conservative Tribune, the contest involves college students making short creative films that express their love for Israel. The winner will be awarded a free trip to Israel, and the three runners-up will get a free trip to Washington D.C.

Refaeli is known for her major connections in the Hollywood world, a community that Obama desperately wants to be a part of. Her past boyfriends have included Hollywood royalty like Leonardo DiCaprio, so her publicly defying Obama could influence many others in the entertainment elite to do the same.


Obama is definitely not happy about this.

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