Friday, April 3, 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his conservative views, but he just made some comments that suggest that he is turning to Obama’s side.

The former governor of California just slammed Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which most Republicans have rallied behind.

“As an American, I’m incredibly concerned about what happened in Indiana this week and the threat of similar laws being passed in other states,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “As a Republican, I’m furious.”

He went on to say that religious freedom laws “fly in the face of equality and freedom.” He also critiized Republicans who “choose the politics of division over policies that improve the lives of all of us” and who “have decided to neglect the next generation of voters.”

“If we want our party to grow and last, we must be focused on real solutions to problems Americans are facing,” he added, even commending Indiana lawmakers for their “heartening” response to the criticisms. “What happened in Indiana should be a teachable moment for us.”

In the end, Schwarzeneger came to a startling conclusion:

“If the Republican Party wants the next generation of voters to listen to our ideas and solutions to real problems, we must be an inclusive and open party, not a party of divisions. We must be the party of limited government, not the party that legislates love. We must be the party that stands for equality and against discrimination in any form.

We must be the party that originally attracted this young Austrian immigrant.”

Wow, Arnold, we guess you aren’t as loyal as you’ve always claimed to be!

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