Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This past week, fans were shocked when Bradley Cooper suddenly broke up with his longterm girlfriend, supermodel Suki Waterhouse. However, when you find out why, you won’t be surprised.

Reports say that Cooper, 40, dumped the 23 year-old Waterhouse because “she wasn’t supportive of his career,” which has taken a conservative turn since he worked with Clint Eastwood on the patriotic film American Sniper. 

According to Daily Mail, Cooper felt neglected by Waterhouse in the months after the hit movie was released. The last straw came in February, when the mode chose to spend Valentine’s Day with her girlfriends in Texas rather than with her boyfriend in New York.

Perhaps since she is so young, Waterhouse did not want to go against the “hip” trend of Hollywood liberalism. She was clearly basically embarrassed to be seen with Cooper, and he didn’t want to take her closed-minded negativity any longer.

We support you Cooper, and we hope that next time you find a stronger woman who is at least more open to conservative values. Oh, and maybe she should be a couple years older too!

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