Monday, April 27, 2015

Legendary radio host Don Imus has announced that he will be leaving Fox Business Network at the end of May.

This means that the television version of his radio show Imus in the Morning, which airs every day on Fox Business Network at 6am, will no longer be on T.V.

“Why? I do not know,” Imus, 74, said, according to Mediaite. “One hundred times more people listen to the radio than listen to television.”

This appears to be a jab at Fox, though it is unclear why exactly Imus is leaving the network. Fox has not yet confirmed Imus’s departure.

This news comes as Fox celebrates record ratings as they continue to dominate their competition. Studies show that Americans trust Fox more than any other news network, which gives the channel a major edge over their liberal competitors.

We’ll update you on Imus’s departure as soon as we know more.

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