Sunday, April 19, 2015

A source in Spring, Texas has told Tell Me Now that helicopters have been spotted flying to one of the mysteriously closed Walmart stores in Texas.

This news comes five days after a handful of different Walmart stores across the country were closed due to unknown reasons. Directly after the stores closed, over 2,200 employees were laid off with only a few hours notice, and both them and customers alike are demanding answers as to why Walmart really closed these stores.

“It’s a little too convenient that they all have the same problems at the same time, and their employees are laid off,” said Joe Price, a diabetic who relies on one of the closed Walmarts to get his medications. “This shows the true face of Walmart… I will never shop at Walmart again.”

The closings have since been linked to Operation Jade Helms by conspiracy theorists. Jade Helms is a military training program that is set to take place from July 15-September 15, and it is meant to “refine the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat.” Many believe that this is the government’s test run for imposing martial law.

As we have previously reported, others believe that the government is planning to perform FEMA training in the closet stores, which are all very large.

“A Walmart would make a perfect FEMA detention facility … see ya in the camps!” said one respondent, according to Infowars.

This helicopter sighting appears to indicate that the government is at least planning something inside these Walmarts, we just aren’t sure what at the moment. We’ll continue to update you on this case as soon as we know more.

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