Monday, April 6, 2015

Michelle Obama made an appearance on Live! With Kelly and Michael on Monday, and there she issued  a warning about her daughter Malia that left many scared and confused.

“I’ve got a driver — a 16-year-old driving around,” the first lady said. “Look out D.C.”

Michelle also revealed that Malia drives around D.C. alone now without a security detail.

“She always has security around. But in order for her to learn how to drive, she had to drive on her own,” Michelle said, according to Daily Mail. “So once she was legally permitted to drive on her own, she gets in her car.”

This is yet another example of terrible, neglectful parenting by the Obamas. While it may sound nice to let Malia be a “normal teen” and run around alone without protection, it’s not practical. As the first daughter, Malia will always be a target from America’s growing list of enemies who would love to use her to hurt her father. Both Sasha and Malia should have protection at all times, so letting her drive around alone is incredibly dangerous.

Malia has also demonstrated that she needs constant supervision. Last year, she was spotted partying in Los Angeles and at Lollapalooza, a Chicago music festival that is known as a “drug-fueled rager.” Who’s to say Malia won’t use this chance of being on her own to continue partying and experiment with various substances?

Unfortunately, Michelle Obama is too focused on herself to care about any of this. She revealed to Kelly and Michael that she doesn’t even really know how to drive a car now since she hasn’t done so in seven years.

“I barely know now too so I have to check with other sources,” she admitted, when asked if she had taught Malia to drive personally.

It doesn’t look like Michelle Obama will be receiving any Mother of the Year awards any time soon…

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