Thursday, April 2, 2015

Obama’s beloved nuclear deal went through today, and it could have deadly consequences for us all.

The president called the international pact “historic” and described it as a “good deal” that will “cut off every pathway” to a nuclear weapon for Iran.

“Our work is not yet done. A deal has not yet been signed,” Obama admitted, adding that he’s set a new deadline of June 30 for negotiators to sort out the final terms. “Nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to.”

Obama gave himself a huge pat on the back during his Thursday press conference, congratulating members of his administration like Secretary of State John Kerry on a job well done.

“If this framework leads to a final, comprehensive deal, it will make our country, our allies, and our world safer,” Obama said, according to USA Today.

Obama’s deal with Iran has had many critics, including the Senate, who have made it clear that they are very much against it. Obama addressed these critics in his press conference, saying that diplomacy is the only way to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons aside from military action. The president called this deal “our best option by far.”

Obama also promised that today he will talk to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been a vocal critic of the plan. After hearing about today’s developments, Netanyahu tweeted, “any deal must significantly roll back Iran’s nuclear capabilities and stop its terrorism and aggression.”

Well, it’s official: our president has made a deal that will benefit radical Muslims everywhere, and we all may pay dearly for it. God help us all…

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