Monday, April 6, 2015

Jenna Bush Hager has just revealed that she is pregnant with her second daughter.

The 33 year-old daughter of George W. Bush revealed the news live on the Today Show on Monday morning. Jenna and her husband Henry Hager already have a 2 year-old daughter named Mila, who is very excited to meet her “baby sissy.”

“This is the biggest roller coaster ride there is, having children,” Jenna said of her pregnancy. When asked how Mila reacted, Jenna added, “She’s excited, she’s so cute. She keeps saying baby sissy, baby sissy!”


Jenna also said that she is already 20 weeks into her pregnancy and that her second daughter is due in August. She added that she told her parents she was pregnant the day after Christmas, so she has known for quite some time.

This news comes as a shock to all of us who remember Jenna’s days as a “wild Bush-twin.” Jenna and her twin sister Barbara were known for their hard-partying ways during their father’s presidency. We’re glad to see that Jenna has calmed down and settled into a nice family life!


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