Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why is it always Malia, Malia, Malia?!

That’s got to be what Sasha Obama is thinking on a daily basis, as her older sister gets all the attention from both their parents and the world.

Over the past year, the country has become fascinated with Malia. Stories about Malia have popped up about Malia like wildfire, with coverage focused on everything from her antics at Lollapalooza to speculation over where she’ll attend college.

Earlier this week, Michelle appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael with the intention of discussing both her daughters, but the first Lady barely mentioned 13 year-old Sasha. Instead, she almost exclusively focused on 16 year-old Malia, talking about her learning to drive and looking at colleges.


Sasha often appears down and sad in photos, indicating that she likely is not happy at home. In fact, everyone ignoring Sasha likely goes back to her parents, who clearly favor Malia over her. Malia is tall and statuesque, and has already blossomed into a pretty young woman. Sasha, meanwhile, is still in the awkward stages of puberty, and her shallow parents have definitely taken noticed.

Michelle and Barack have already demonstrated that they are neglectful parents to their daughters. With Malia blossoming, they have now taken her into the fold and are including her as one of their own. Meanwhile, Sasha is still on the outside looking in.

It’s ok, Sasha, when you grow up you’ll see what losers your parents were. We support you, girl!

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