Monday, April 20, 2015

One of the most popular Chinese restaurant chains in Rio de Janeiro was caught using frozen dog meat in place of beef for many of their dishes. The story is both disgusting and disturbing on many levels.

The dog meat was being used in “beef” pastries — thousands of which were being served to customers each day.

According to reports, the restaurant’s employees would find stray dogs and kill them. The dogs were subsequently put in freezers to be stored until use.

But the story gets a lot worse.

Police arrived at the restaurant to find illegal immigrants being held there in cages. These people were being forced to prepare the dogs and get the meat ready to serve in the Brazilian pastries.

Prosecutor Guadalupe Louro Couto said to reporters, “I’ve seen lots of bad things, but what I saw in that pastry house was worse than everything. To start with, there was a cell, like a jail, with bars and padlock, set up inside the snack bar, where the worker was imprisoned.”

The owner of the restaurant chain, 32-year-old Van Ruilonc, admitted to the crimes.

He continued, “Apart from this, he lived with the stench of dead dogs, which were kept in the same room. I couldn’t stand it. I started to feel ill and asked to leave. When we started to open the polystyrene boxes, we saw the frozen dogs. We were perplexed. There were various crimes being committed there.”

We will keep you up-to-date on this breaking story as information is revealed.


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