Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It has just been revealed that DEA head Michele Leonhart will step down next month over the handling of the sex scandal that rocked her organizations.

Over the last few months, the DEA has been humiliated after some of their agents were found to have participated in sex parties in Colombia with local prostitutes who were supplied to them by the very drug cartels they were there to investigate.


Instead of being fired on the spot, seven of the ten agents involved were given suspensions of just two to ten days. When a House panel called her out for this, Leonhart claimed she did not have the power to fire them.

According to the New York Times, Leonhart, 59, has been with the DEA for 35 years and has been leading the DEA since Obama nominated her for the position in 2010. In a statement made just after her retirement was announced, Eric Holder called her a “trailblazer for equality” and a “good friend.”

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