Friday, April 24, 2015

Conservatives fans are outraged this week after Dog the Bounty Hunter endorsed Hillary Clinton during an appearance on Fox News.

During an appearance on Friday’s episode of Outnumbered, Dog revealed he doesn’t think any of the Republicans can “beat the dynamic duo,” meaning the Clintons. This prompted the hosts to exclaim “oh no!” but Dog kept going.

“I want someone in there with experience. We’re at war,” he explained, according to Mediaite. “I am a Republican, but I have faith in the dynamic duo.”

“That makes me so sad,” Kennedy interjected. “I love everything about you. I think you are powerful and heroic, but the fact you are endorsing Hillary Clinton, it makes me sadder than The Notebook.”

When pressed, Dog said he wasn’t officially “endorsing” Hillary, but he added that he does support her. “I don’t know, I mean who’s going to run against her?” he asked.

This was not a smart move for Dog, considering the fact that most of his fans are proud conservatives. If he continues to support Hillary, it could have a very negative impact on his career.

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