Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Robertson family was ecstatic after the musical version of their hit show Duck Dynasty opened in Las Vegas recently. Unfortunately, the show has been slammed by critics who delighted in insulting every aspect of it.

Duck Commander Musical has been slammed for it’s strong Christian message and it’s seeming lack of conflict. Jordan Reife, the theater critic for The Hollywood Reporter commended some of the actors for their attempts to do well, but added that they are clearly “trapped in a terrible show.”

This comes as no surprise as the villains in the musical are “PC, golf-playing, good ole liberal yuppies” of Hollywood. Sadly for the Robertsons, most of the critics of shows like this happen to be quite fond of the “liberal yuppies” of Hollywood.

However, even the liberal critics admitted that the audience clearly enjoyed the show.

“But the audience, the majority of them seemingly Duck Dynasty fans, appears untroubled by the production’s shortcomings,” Reife said in his review. “Which just goes to show that sometimes cat food tastes like duck pate, but only if you’ve never had duck pate.”

Luckily, the Robertsons have millions of diehard fans who don’t give a hoot what the liberal critics say. Thanks to them, the show has been a financial success, and it is sure to continue running for quite some time.

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