Monday, April 13, 2015

Several weeks ago, TellMeNow reported on Sadie Robertson’s viral Facebook video, in which she encourages fans to find confidence in God. Now Sadie’s father, Willie Robertson, has publicly reacted to the video.

Willie told the Christian Post, “She just put up a thing on YouTube and Instagram and it just kinda tells you to be real. We are proud that she takes that and uses that platform from the Lord, and she’s just age 17. … I can’t say I was like that at 17.”

He continued by saying that Sadie gets her inspiration from the whole Duck Dynasty clan. He said, “Well, I think from a combination of everybody. I wish I could claim it all, but her mother as well, and even the grandparents on both sides. I think both have had an influence on her life. She’s a learner, she listens to people and she’s gotten advice through Bible class and youth groups. She has picked up a lot of advice. We couldn’t be more proud of how she’s taken that platform.”

Willie went on to talk about how fame has changed his family.

“Well the obvious thing that has changed a little bit is, we are so recognizable now,” he said. “It’s hard to go anywhere without getting recognized, especially because we look like we do, which is good. It’s a part of the show and how popular it is.”

The fame has also allowed the entire family to each start businesses of their own. Willie said, “As a family, each member has their own little business, with appearances and their brand. I’m not just the only guy running a business now, everybody’s kinda got their own little family unit business. All my brothers now, I think, have written books. That is a cool thing that kinda has changed.”

Even though the family found fame, they stay grounded.

Willie said, “We still get together all the time, we are still in the same town, nobody’s moved off, we have never done anything differently. Everybody has stayed grounded and kept their core; we all remember where we come from. And that’s what’s good about doing this together is that we have been through the same things … sometimes, when someone gets a little bit off, we can nudge them back over.”

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