Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera nearly came to blows with a Baltimore protester on Tuesday night while filming a segment for Sean Hannity’s show.

According to Business Insider, Rivera was about to begin an interview with State Senator Catherine Pugh (D), but a mob of curfew-defying race rioters quickly engulfed them.

One protester accused Fox of “making money off of exploiting black people,” but another rioter quickly got in Rivera’s face personally.

“Don’t touch me!” the thug told Rivera.

“Then stop blocking my camera. Then stop blocking my camera. Stop it,” Rivera shouted back. “You’re making a fool of yourself! You’re making a fool of yourself!”

The two continued to go back and forth for a few minutes, and at some points it looked like Rivera was about to get punched. Eventually, the Fox News host pulled Pugh aside and continued their interview elsewhere.

On Wednesday morning, Rivera called the protester “annoying” for getting in the way of an important story.

This incident occurred as the riots escalated Tuesday night just hours after Obama blamed the U.S. police for the riots, rather than the protesters themselves. Obama’s speech only encouraged the protesters to continue their violent reign of chaos, and the situation is only getting worse.

Unbelievably enough, the mainstream media and much of the country is rallying behind the violent protesters and defending their actions. When the grocery store brand Whole Foods tried to defend the National Guard in Baltimore and to help them out, they were forced to delete their statement and apologize out of fear of backlash and boycotts.

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