Friday, April 24, 2015

Six months ago, a man in Kansas died just days after a mysterious mark appeared on his leg. Now, doctor’s have figured out why, and they’re really scared.

“Its genome is similar to viruses that have been found in eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, but no virus like that has ever been identified in the western hemisphere,” said University of Kansas Hospital infectious disease expert Dr. Dana Hawkinson. “Certainly nothing we’ve ever seen here.”

The virus is now being called the Bourbon Virus, named after the victim’s hometown of Bourbon, Kansas. Dr. Hawkinson believes the virus is caused by ticks, and the main symptoms arefever, anorexia, and muscle aches.

Despite what doctors have found, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have ruled that the man died of an “unknown virus.” While it may seem like they are trying to hide it from us, they say this is just because it is a new virus.

“This was the first known instance and the only confirmed case,” a spokesperson from the Health Department said. “This is a new virus, and we are still learning.”

Be on the lookout for the Bourbon Virus, this could spread very quickly…

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