Sunday, April 19, 2015

Most Americans have a few cans of soda in their fridge.

This quick video will show you how to do some amazing things with your can, after you’re done drinking the soda. These amazing life hacks might save you one day — and they’ll make you love your favorite soda even more than you already do.

Here is an overview of the hacks:

  1. Have gum stock on concrete or another surface? Pour some soda on it and let the fizzing bubbles work their magic. In a few seconds, the gum will be easy to pry right off.
  2. If you have some flowers in a vase, you can make them last even longer by using soda. Put one part water and one part soda into the vase and your flowers will be around for a while longer.
  3. To clean up a nasty spot off your car, pour some soda on it and let it set. Then just wipe it off and pour some water over it to remove the stickiness.
  4. If you want to stop bees and bugs from interrupting your fun outside, carefully cut the top off a soda bottle. Pour soda into the bottom and invert the top. The sugar will attract the bugs and they won’t be able to get out.
  5. Don’t throw away your flat soda. Pour it into an ice cube tray and let it freeze. You’ll now have a versatile soda ice cube to throw into your next drink.
  6. If the power goes out, you can use a soda can and some tea candles to light your home. Cut slits about ½ inch apart lengthwise down the side of a soda can. Place the candle inside and allow the reflection to illuminate your home.
  7. To clean your toilet bowl, pour soda all over everything that looks dirty. Wait about one hour and flush. You should come back to a clean toilet bowl.

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