Thursday, April 2, 2015

When this man went to clean up his grandparent’s Tennessee farmhouse so he could put it on the market, this man unexpectedly found a treasure that left him amazed.


While looking around the house, the man noticed a dirty, water-stained carpet underneath the stairs. He decided to rip it up and replace it, but he never expected to find this underneath it…


The man found a safe under the carpet, and he had to bring in a professional locksmith to crack the code.


According to Conservative Tribune, inside the safe was a collection of coin books, the contents of which were still in nearly perfect condition. Along with the coin books, stacks of cash were also found in the safe.


There was also a rusty old toolbox inside that had valuable jewelry in it.


There is still no word on how much the contents of the safe were worth, but we’re betting it was a lot!


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