Friday, April 17, 2015

Apparently, what you order at the bar says a lot about your personality. Here are some of the most common drinks — find which one is your favorite, and see what it says about you.

It’s scary how accurate this test is.

Vodka Tonic 

You’re a fun-lover, but still practical. You worry about your looks and care for your own body carefully. You’re clean and the life of any party — people love to be around you.

Domestic Beer

You’re the happy-go-lucky person in your friend’s group. Easy going and laid back, you’re the person most of your friends feel most comfortable coming to with secrets. However, you can be a bit naive at times.

Craft Beer

Some people call you a snob, but you know you just have good taste. You’re known for being very creative, and are never satisfied with doing the same thing as everyone else. At heart an artist, you’re only truly happy when you’re doing something unique with your life.


You can be a bit of an air head sometimes, but don’t let that fool you — you are still smart as a whip. People envy you because you seem to have everything going for you: you’re funny, likable, and attractive as hell. The one thing holding you back in life is insecurity: relax a little!


Everyone wants to be you: you have it made. You’re successful at almost everything you try, and have a love of competition. Some people think you’re judgemental — and you are, a little bit. But being picky isn’t always a bad thing…


You’re a hopeless romantic at heart. Although you’re sometimes over-emotional, you are a great friend. The people in your life care about you deeply, but you’r never truly happy.


You are a person of habit. You have boiled your life down to a simple, but effective, routine. The people you know well love you, but those on the outside of your close circle see you as mysterious.

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