Thursday, April 16, 2015

The position that you sleep in may reveal a lot more than you thought.

The Fetus 

This is the most common position to sleep in. People who sleep in this position tend to have worried or anxious personalities. These people also tend to be more shy and sensitive.

The Starfish 

People who sleep in this position tend to be great listeners and make for fantastic friends!

The Soldier

Those who sleep in the Soldier position are natural leaders. They are no-nonsense folks, who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

The Yearner 

These people tend to be indecisive — but once they finally make a decision, those who sleep in the Yearner position are extremely dedicated.

The Freefaller 

These types tend to be control freaks and be afraid of extreme situations. It’s not all bad though — these folks are outgoing and do well around other people.

The Log

People who sleep in the Log position are usually the sweetest person in their friends’ group. They are nice, easy-going, and get along with everyone. They can be naive, however.

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