Friday, April 17, 2015

Last September a New Jersey man was killed while hiking the Apshawa Preserve. When authorities looked at his cell phone, they immediately knew what had killed him.

Rutgers University Student Darsh Patel was hiking with four friends when he was fatally mauled by a 300-pound black bear. When authorities investigated his cell phone, they found the chilling last photos he ever took, and they portrayed the bear that killed him.


When they entered the West Milford nature preserve, Patel’s group was warned about the presence of the bear, but they continued on anyway.


When they first came across the bear, Patel took pictures of it from 100 feet away. The bear then started to approach them, and the group tried to walk away. The animal, however, quickly began to chase them, and when it closed in on 15 feet, the group split into different directions. Only four of them made it out of the woods to call the police.


When the group last saw Patel, he was climbing a rock as the bear followed him. He screamed for his friends to keep going.



Officers arrived at the scene to see the bear circling Patel’s body. They eventually shot the bear, and found human remains inside his stomach and esophagus.



The photos now serve as a grim reminder to always be careful in the woods.

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