Sunday, April 19, 2015

Surprise your friends and family this summer with this simple “Watermelon Cake.”

This is the healthiest cake that you will ever have, because it’s not actually cake at all — it’s watermelon! It is also very easy to make: all that you need to do is ice the watermelon so that it looks just like cake. Since most people (kids included) love watermelon this will be a welcomed, and healthy, surprise to serve up at your next BBQ.

To make this “cake,” first cut off the watermelon’s rind; remove as little of the fruit as possible. Then ice the melon, preferably with whipped cream. We suggest using a pasty bag to do this so that the icing doesn’t slip off of the fruit.

Once the whipped cream is added, try adding more fruit on top. Strawberry slices and blueberries work especially well for this.

Get ready for lots of compliments when you serve this at your next dinner. This treat is low calorie and diabetic-friendly. Not to mention it’s a lot more healthy than heavy vanilla cake!

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