Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ever since Chick-Fil-A went public about their conservative values, liberals have been trying to take them down. These liberals got some very bad news this week when the restaurant chain announced new plans that reveal they’re doing better than ever.

Chick-Fil-A just announced that they are doing so well that they are planning to expand their operations to Florida and the northeast. They are continuing to outperform other chains like KFC and Church’s.

Customers in Delray Beach, Florida camped out for 24 hours in the hopes of being one of the first 100 customers in the new Chick-Fil-A restaurant in the town. One of the chain’s most treasured traditions is that they give the first 100 customers at each restaurant free food for a year.

We applaud Chick-Fil-A for continuing to show the world that they are a kind-hearted, Christian organization despite all the backlash they are facing.

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