Tuesday, April 21, 2015

At the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards this past Sunday, Garth Brooks was honored with a milestone award. Instead of soaking up the moment for himself, he decided to sing a song honoring our nation’s veterans.

Before coming to the stage, Brooks was introduced by Taya Kyle, widow of the American Sniper himself, Chris Kyle. Then, Brooks sand “All-American Kid,” a song about a hometown hero who joins the military and completes three tours of duties overseas. He returns home with a silver star, but he also brings back battle scars:

He stepped off the plane
In his combat boots
He saluted the red, the white and blue

And the whole town cheered
And his mama cried
Another hometown boy
Made it home alive
Got his picture in the paper and the headline read “Welcome Back All-American Kid”

Yeah, this song is for those who never did
Come back all-American kids

After finishing the song, Brooks closed his eyes and removed his hat as he was overcome with emotion. While liberals may see this as controversial, we see it as beautiful.

What a way to honor our nation’s servicemen and women!

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