Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Muslim law student in Brazil wore her burqa while she took the bar exam, but this turned out to be a huge mistake.

Charlyane Souza, 29, went to take the bar exam in Sao Paolo on March 15 wearing her hijab. The Brazilian bar, like many other exams, does not allow for any concealing headgear, since this can easily be used to cheat. Souza, however, somehow thought she was immune to this rule, and decided to wear her hijab anyway.

She was enraged when an official with the Organization of Brazilian Lawyers (OAB) dared to call her out.

“She asked me if I really was Muslim, and if I had a way of proving it, because I could be just disguising myself as one,” Souza said, according to Conservative Tribune.

Souza was then begrudgingly allowed to continue with her exam, but later she was taken out once again by Rubens Tilkian, president of OAB’s examination commission. He asked her to remove her burqa, as her disregard for the rules was making other test-takers feel “uncomfortable.” When she once again refused, Souza was taken to a private room to finish her exam.

Now, Souza is claiming that these distractions caused her to lose concentration and get a score of 31 out of 80, which is well below the passing grade of 40.

Succumbing to pressure from the public, OAB has announced that Souza will be allowed to retake the exam while she wears her hijab.

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