Monday, April 13, 2015

A horrific new drug has taken the U.S. by storm, and it’s terrifying.

The designer drug is called flakka, and it’s also known as “$5 insanity” and “gravel.” It can send users into a complete rage, causing them to shake violently and give them superhuman strength. Flakka can also be lethal.

The drug has flourished in Florida, Texas, and Ohio, and it is spreading to other areas as we speak.

Flakka can be snorted, smoked, injected, or swallowed. The high typically lasts for three to four hours, during which users will become paranoid and hallucinate. Violent flakka incidents are becoming common across the country.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.30.17 PM

One man on flakka broke down a police station door while another user attacked an 86 year-old woman. Another user was found standing on his roof armed and naked. “I feel delusional, and I’m hallucinating,” he muttered.

Don Maines, a treatment counsellor with the Florida police, says that flakka is so bad that even seasoned drug users are scared of it.

“Longtime addicts who have tried flakka, they’re terrified of it … This is as bad as it gets,” he said.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.30.30 PM

Many cops are saying that flakka is the worst drug they have ever seen.

“On a scale of one to 10, Flakka is a 12,” Lt. Dan Zsido of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said. “It comes from a place where we don’t know how it’s being made, who’s making it, and what’s been added to it before it reaches the end user, so it’s very dangerous.”

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